Go Green Cold Asphalt

Our cold patch repairs potholes and cracks on roads, bridges, parking lots, driveways and other asphalt and concrete surfaces. It’s a fast, permanent, easy to use, Eco benefit cold asphalt.

Why you choose Go Green Cold Asphalt ?


  • Strongest and most durable
  • Permanent repair
  • Year-round use
  • No special tools required
  • Safe for you & the environment
  • Patch sets right away
  • No kerosene fumes or oily mess
  • Stored product good for years


GO GREEN Cold Asphalt Works in Water

GO GREEN cold patch will hold up as a permanent road patch and pothole repair even when water is present in the pothole. On compaction, the water will be displaced from the pothole until eventually all liquid is drawn from the pothole patch. GO GREEN cold asphalt will still seal off as a permanent road repair, pothole repair or driveway repair just as it would do in dry areas.

No Tar and No Primer Required

GO GREEN cold patch asphalt has a built in primer which means the mix is 100% ready to go when you purchase it. Simply compact the cold mix to a firm base and GO GREEN cold asphalt will do all the bonding work for you.  

GO GREEN Cold Asphalt Doesn’t Bleed

GO GREEN as the permanent pothole patch, pothole repair or road repair, it won’t need to removed in the future prior to any asphalt overlay that may occur.

Asphalt repair and pothole repair open to traffic immediately

With GO GREEN cold asphalt patch, the repaired area can open to traffic immediately.  

Comes in 20kg bags&20kg buckets and package in tonne

GO GREEN cold patch asphalt comes in various shapes and sizes with no impact on its renowned premium performance benefits.


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